Black Plague in Yemen


The black plague is back, this time in the form of mankind. Do you know what it feels like for a living person’s body to slowly decompose? Just imagine having no food, no water for days, weeks, months. Just imagine being a mother, seeing your child dying in front of you because you can’t give them the basic needs. This probably sounds like something that happened in the past, like the black plague where the population was getting swept. Well, this is happening now in a Middle east country Yemen. This time the black plague has new name which is called mankind. Yemen is considered as the poorest Arab country. Every news about Yemen is worse than the other. Yemen is going through unstable transition of government, which created civil war. This war is sweeping its population. Not only people are dying from bombs, bullets, half of them are dying from starvation, family, and disease like Cholera. Yemen is in great need of a humanitarian in the world. If this humanitarian crisis isn’t stopped soon, then it will harm other countries as well. A humanitarian crisis “refers to situations where the lives, health, safety or well-being of a large number of people are at substantial risk.” (Georg von Kalckreuth and Daniel Warner). Other nations should help Yemen from this humanitarian crisis because of humanitarian reasons and economic reasons. If the international countries help countries in humanitarian crisis then they can maintain a relationship of dependency with the recipient, or simply to influence the government and direction of the country.

These problems are largely preventable with international countries and UNICEF’s help. The solution for this war is getting full fund from United Nations international children emergency fund (UNICEF) and aids from international countries. The reason international countries should help is that to fulfill one of their goal like security and part of this goal is not to have a failed state.

The humanitarian crisis is the result of the civil war in Yemen. Yemen has been wracked by a bloody war between the Houthis and supporters of Yemen’s government. The tension between these two groups has affected the civilians tremendously. This war has taken half of the population and other half has died due to famine, starvation, hunger and diseases. The humanitarian crisis is extremely bad in Yemen. The solution to this war, receiving fully funding UNICEF and other international agencies to offer aid. UNICEF is authorized by the United Nations General Assembly “to advocate for the protection of children’s rights, to help meet their basic needs and to expand their opportunities to reach their full potential.” (Shawn Grimsley) UNICEF fights the inordinate number of young children. A large proportion of these deaths occur due to preventable diseases and illnesses, malnutrition, poor sanitation and a severe lack of medical facilities. In their efforts to lower the deaths, UNICEF has established “successful, uncomplicated and cost effective involvements within problem areas of the world.”Some of these contributions include vaccinations, antibiotics, nutritional supplements, “insecticide-treated bed nets and the implementation of safer and more hygienic practices.”. Apart from UNICEF’s help, other countries like the USA should help Yemen from this humanitarian crisis as well. There are many reasons why the US should help Yemen. One of the reasons is that US is one of the developed countries in the world, and it should fund developing countries. The US obligation to help other countries is to fulfill its state goal, security which means not to have any failed state. If Yemen is falling apart than the international country is not fulfilling its goals. Another reason is of humanitarian reason, humanitarian aid is provided based on need, with the goal of saving human lives, relieving human suffering and maintaining human dignity during and after a crisis. This is happening in Yemen, similarly happened internationally. For example, Arab Spring in 2011, uprising among farmers because they could sell their products recession. The Arab Spring is similar to the Occupy movement that happened globally, where people fought for income equality. Last and important reason is US is also involved in this war. The US stood by and the war “continue.” Somehow, the US is responsible for the situation that is happening in Yemen, it’s bad for US reputation. It’s their responsibility to solve the problem.

Each humanitarian crisis is caused by different factors and appropriately, each different humanitarian crisis requires a “unique” response aimed towards the specific sectors affected. Examples of humanitarian crises include “armed conflicts, epidemics, famine, natural disasters, education, food and other major emergencies.”The solution is attainable because there are real measurements where it showed that there has been some improvements like diseases has been cured, hunger has lessened, education was given and children’s condition under UNICEF has improved and more. These improvements are examples that shows that if countries provide aids and UNICEF fund fully, the solutions are achievable.

Humanitarian crisis in Yemen is not going to be solved within a day. Solving the problem will take time, dedication and collaboration.” The solution is attainable because there are real measurements where it showed that there has been some improvements like diseases has been cured, hunger has lessened, education was given and children’s condition under UNICEF has improved and more. To end all this violence, they should open roads for aids delivery, support for Yemen’s economy, more international funds for humanitarian relief. There is an opportunity that must be seized and that the humanitarian situation is so atrocious that is that doesn’t happen then this problem is going to become so unprecedented and can’t be helped. Even though the black plague was cured, but mankind creations are far more dangerous than any type of diseases.

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