Final exams aren’t just any tests. They draw upon your knowledge from the entire semester, and you have to take a whole bunch of them at once. Depending on how your finals are weighted, your final exam grade could even mean the difference between an A and a C on your transcript

Finals is the other face of the DEVIL! Finals college students NIGHTMARE in the form of PAPER! I have never hated a paper ever in my life until i have entered in a place called college. Finals are stressful for students and its one of the horrible way to test students knowledge. But its the reality, we all have to go through. Not matter how much i study for the final, when you step into the classroom (hell), everything stays out of the classroom. Since its something that we are going to face for 4 year straight we must find a technique to make our life less miserable. 


1. Make a finals game plan.

If you plan out your study sessions (for ALL your exams), you’ll get a better handle on how much work you’re facing. Use the calendar on your phone to set alerts and reminders for yourself so you stick to your plan. 

2. Start early.

Start studying for finals a few weeks before the first exam, and figure out how much time to set aside each day for each subject. Be realistic about how long it will take to, say, memorize the dates for all the Civil War battles. You need to fit in brain breaks, too!

3. Study in this order: a) definitely b) probably c) might be on the final

Don’t just start from the beginning of your notes and try to cram everything in: Think about what you know for sure will be on each test and review that material first. Then move on to studying what will probably be on the test, then what might be covered. That way, if you run out of time, you know you at least have the basics nailed. Ask your teachers if they’ll share copies of previous finals so you can see what might be covered or how questions will be phrased.

4. Give yourself more time to study for your toughest classes.

If Chemistry gave you trouble all semester, devote more time to that subject—even if it’s your last final. Look over your previous tests for the year, if you scored poorly on one unit in Spanish chances are you didn’t absorb it all the first time. Take extra time now to review what you missed. By starting with the toughest stuff first, you have time to ask your teacher questions or get help from our tutors


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